I also made this video art/ poem about my experience as a housebound person during lockdown. I would really like this to be included too as it is a very special piece to me. Let me know if you need anything else from me! Take care! I look forward to seeing the exhibition! 

Here is a transcript for accessibility: 

The people are excited
They say “freedom is near!
Soon they’ll be no virus
No threat left to fear”

They miss their families
Their jobs and their lives
They’re bored and they’re tired
And they’re sick of their wives

But me, I feel frightened 
I don’t want to go back
To the “normal” we knew
Before we gave life the sack

While isolation ends for most
I’ll carry it on
Still stuck in my house
No place to have fun

They call it social distancing 
But it’s the life I’ve always known 
No pubs clubs or parties
No wasting my loan

Will you remember
When you’re all back out there
That some of us still stay here
Then Will you still care?

Will you show the same compassion
You’ve shown the housebound now?
Or will we fade back into shadows
Be left to try, somehow 

To live our lives so lonely 
Inside of our front door
No help from neighbours 
For the sick and the poor

Will you carry on this spirit
This humanity, this care
Because when you all go back outside
You’ll soon forget we’re there

Still stuck inside our houses
Just trying to get by
Remember us, and include us
When the rules no longer apply

Ellie Kerr
Art is mental 
Our Boris.
By Audrie Saint-Ivy Johnson. (7th April 2020)

A lonesome walk in a forest, did not
protect our Boris. 
He did his best, to guide us all
but his hard work, made him fall.
Another victim,in need of Oxygen.
Political opponents and friend
say prayers for our Boris, 
again and again.
only God knows,if and when.

Every day,the death toll rises,
body bags fill hospital corridors and mortuaries.
There’s talks of mass burials in Parks.
Bodies will soon be pushing up roses,
which young girls will use to make posies!
COVID-19, is never seen but it’s a killer virus,
that murders us.

Given time ,our Boris,he’ll win, 
this is no spin.
It’s a fight for his life.
He needs more time...to meet friends,
drink wine,
and to make his girlfriend, his wife.


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